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     Jinan Heng goods Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. focus on R & D, manufacturing and sales of precision testing equipment, products widely used in plastics, rubber, bags, footwear, leather, environment, toys, baby products, hardware, electronics, packaging, printing and other many industries and its application in the field of national defense, scientific research institutions, quality supervision, products meet UL, ASTM, JIS, GB, ISO, TAPPI, en, DIN, and other domestic and international standards.

    Constant product adhere to technological innovation and surpassing, the details of the pursuit of excellence, technology and science and technology perfect combined with on the equipment, makes a number of products Zoran superior, close to international quality continuously. Constant product adhering to the "persistent, only for quality" quality concept, to provide customers with high quality, durable equipment, collaborative customers to enhance product quality, reduce costs, enhance market competitiveness. Heng products to carry out the customer first after-sales service purposes, the establishment of a regular product after-sales inspection system, to provide customers with the use of products, maintenance, maintenance knowledge. Heng product will be "reliable product quality, good corporate reputation, sincere cooperation" and the domestic and foreign friends on the basis of equality and mutual benefit to carry out extensive cooperation and common development and growth.

      The main products: carton compression testing machine, paper bursting tester, electronic compression tester, thickness tester, whiteness tester, whiteness tester, Cobb absorption tester, Cobb Cobb sampler sampling knife, the interlayer bonding strength tester, pulp beating degree measuring instrument, quantitative sampling knife MIT, folding endurance tester, tester. A cardboard, cardboard is tester, CNC electric centrifuge, corrugated cardboard edge crush (bonding) sampling knife, knife ring pressure sampling, flat pressure sampler, side pressure guide block, peeling test frame, center plate ring, corrugated paper play corrugated machine, paper softness tester, tester board strength, paper moisture meter, single package drop test rig, wing drop test machine, fiber standard dissociation device type, initial tester. The adhesion tester, ring Early tack tester, electronic stripping tester. Electronic tensile testing machine, adhesive tensile shear test machine, sealing tester, coefficient of friction tester, haze opacity meter, drying oven. Printing ink friction tester, anti pressure high temperature cooking pot, positive pressure sealing test instrument, cap torque meter, heat sealing tester determination. Standard light source, gloss meter and so on.