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The selection of electronic universal testing machine for small and medium sized enterprises
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In recent years, with the development of the world, driven by the computer technology, microelectronics technology, quartz tube double color water level gauge of special machining technology, thin film technology, network technology and nanometer technology high technology development, the high-tech instrumentation will net be the mainstream of the development and the science and technology in the future science and technology.
The overall development trend of the instrument and meter products is six high and twenty. Throughout history, analyze the current situation and looking into the future, made the following conclusion: after the traditional instrument will still toward high performance, high precision, high sensitivity, high stability, high reliability, high environmental protection and long life of the six high in a long direction. New types of instruments and meters and components will move towards miniaturization (miniaturization), double metal thermometer integrated, complete, electronic, digitization, multifunctional, intelligent, networking, computer, integrated automation, light mechanical and electrical integration; specialization in the service, Jane Jie, family, personalized, no maintenance and assembly automation, clean (or super net), specialization, scale of 20 change direction. In this twenty, the dominant, the core or the key role is miniaturization, intelligence and networking.
This background and situation, constantly toward the instrumentation proposed higher and newer, more and more requirements, such as speed faster, higher sensitivity, better stability, sample amount less, detection of micro damage or even a nondestructive, remote sensing is apart from further, more convenient, low cost, no pollution and the like, but also for the development of instrumentation science and industry provides a powerful driving force, and the instrumentation for the further development of the material, the knowledge and technology based. Especially need to point out is that nearly 10 years, due to the inclusion of nanoscale precision machinery research and molecular level of modern chemical research and gene levels of biological research achievements, and high precision ultra performance of special functional materials research achievements and global integration temperature variable feeder network technology popularization and application of results, a large number of contemporary the latest technology achievement competing came out, making the instrument in the field occurred fundamental changes. Through the analysis we can see that, but the main feature of modern high-tech instrument, and is the only way which must be passed revitalization of instrument industry, the mainstream development is the new century instrument and its industry.
With the advent of fieldbus, the development process of measuring a major turning point and opportunity. At present, fieldbus has become a hot global automation technology. Field bus is a communication system, an open field intelligent instrument and control room of all digital, bi-directional, multi station. It produces, is the vast number of users and the actual needs of the manufacturers competitive technological results and computer technology, communication technology and control technology in the industrial control field combined with the product and product upgrading, as well as to achieve further high precision, high performance, especially multi parameter on-line real-time monitoring and automatic control), high stability, high reliability, high adaptability, multifunctional, low consumption provides a tremendous motivation and development space.
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