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The development of constant product ring initial adhesion force tester
Add time:2016-03-27 Views:4807
It is well known that the early tack test is characterized adhesive viscosity is one of the important indexes. Prior to the domestic for the early adhesive product viscosity test is using cant ball method was used to detect the initial viscosity. This method by the size of the test stick ball to determine the initial viscosity is in accordance with the quality requirements, but the data poor repeatability, complicated operation, and there is no data to quantify, the error of man-made factors. Our country is aware of the limitations of the law, through various efforts, National Bureau of standards and 2014 September 3rd release standard (GB / T 31125-2014) adhesive with initial testing method for Tackiness ring method, and formally implemented on January 1, 2015. However China and supporting special experimental instrument is the delay does not appear, the United States, Europe and other countries imported instruments are expensive, domestic enterprises with the standard testing cost is too high, a serious impediment to the popularization and application of the standard.
Jinan Heng goods company after several months of research and development recently successfully launched at the beginning of the annular HP-HCN viscous force of the tester and the machine to early detection of viscous force value size, test data is more scientific, more close to the practical application
The test principle of HP-HCN ring at the beginning of the viscous force tester is the annular specimen and standard float glass test plate to 300mm / min constant speed completely after contact, automatically reverse the annular specimen and test board to 300mm / min constant speed completely separated, produced the maximum force and the maximum force values for the tested sample loop tack.
The characteristics of HP-HCN ring at the beginning of the viscous force tester for microcomputer control technology, different from the traditional cant ball method, high precision, simple operation; the precision sensor, accuracy can be reached 0.1% weight sensor standard; advanced motor and screw drive technology, smooth and displacement measurement more accurate; high-definition LCD display, operate at a glance; micro printer connection: implementation date of the experiment, the test results can be directly print timely.
I believe that with HP-HCN annular viscous force tester at the beginning of the successful launch of the early test method for viscous adhesive tape ring method (GB/T 31125-2014) standard will be widely used in the domestic.