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Product details
Carton compression testing machine is Jinan Heng product development of a professional to test the performance of the carton compressive testing machine, carton compression testing machine (also known as the carton compression tester, carton compression testing machine, carton compression testing machine, carton compression machine) is a basic instrument for corrugated carton compressive strength can be detected, applicable to all kinds of corrugated carton compressive strength test and stacking strength test
Carton compression testing machine technical features
9:28 microcomputer processing system, PVC control panel, high degree of automation, fast data acquisition, automatic measurement, intelligent judgment, test process automatically.
It has data processing function, can be directly drawn from the statistical result of the data
9:28 limit travel protection, overload protection, such as intelligent configuration to ensure safe operation of the user, with a miniature printer, convenient data printout
This test, anti pressure real-time information display
Using servo motor control, the advantages of high precision, low noise, high speed; precise positioning instrument, fast response speed, saving test time, improve the efficiency of the test.
Carton compression testing machine to meet the technical standards
GB / T 4857.4 the transport packaging packaging pressure test method ", GB / T 4857.3" packaging - transport packages static load test of pile "ISO2872" packaging complete, filled with the transport packaging piece pressure test "; ISO2874 the packaging is intact, filled transport packages with a pressure testing machine, stacking test"; QB / t 1048 the cardboard and carton compression testing machine.
Carton compression testing machine technical parameters:
1, the maximum test force: 10KN (5KN, 20KN, 50KN, can Ren Xuan).
2, accuracy: first order accuracy
3, test space size: 600*600*800MM. (300*300*350mm, 800*800*1000mm, 1200*1200*1500mm 1000*1000*1200mm can be made to order)
4, test speed: 12.7mm/min
5, the overall size of the machine: 1100*610*1550mm
6, the overall machine 600Kg
7, power: 220V.
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