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Product details
HP-DLD100 quantitative sampler (also known as quantitative samplers, quantitative knife, paper quantitative samplers, round of quantitative samplers) is paper, cardboard grams of weight determination of the standard sample of special sampling apparatus, can quickly and accurately cut take the size of a standard sample. Is the paper, packaging and quality supervision, inspection and other industries and sectors of the ideal auxiliary test equipment
HP-DLD100 quantitative sampling knife according to the standard 1671-98:QB/T "paper and board physical properties test special punching shear test specimens equipment general technical conditions" 1, "GB/T 451.2 paper and cardboard quantitative measurement"
HP-DLD100 quantitative sampling knife, also known as: quantitative paper cutter, quantitative samplers, circular sampler, round of quantitative samplers, circular quantitative paper cutter, paper grams heavy sampler
HP-DLD100 quantitative sampling knife technology parameters
1, sampling area: - 100cm.
2, sampling area error: + / - 0.35cm2.
3, the thickness of the sample: (1.2 ~ 0.1) mm.
4, exterior size (length * width * height, mm):240 * 288 * 435.
5, quality: about 25kg.
HP-DLD100 quantitative sampling knife operation
1, put the instrument on the proper position of the stable and stable working platform.
2, the paper flat on the central position of the chassis on the left hand, hold the beam, to prevent the press rod forward tilt sampler. Slowly press
Pressure bar, can complete a sampling, sample into the chute, and the chute from sliding out from the side.
3, slowly loosen the pressure on the knife rod, return to the starting position. Take out the sample to carry out the corresponding test.