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Product details
The testing machine is designed for simulating test a variety of product packaging after in handling or transportation by fallen sometimes lead to product internal injury were evaluated, so as to get the best solution, to in transit can minimize the loss; the tester can test package container Ling, angle, surface.
One carton drop test bench design standard:
ISO 2248, Z0202-87 JIS, GB/T4857.5-92
Product use: the drop test rig is mainly used for simulation packages in the course of transportation, loading and unloading under drop impact the influence degree of the packaging and identification a resistance to impact strength and packaging design rationality, which is widely used in inspection, enterprises, and technical supervision organizations and institutions. Can be used for the test surface drop, angle drop, edge drop, etc..
Technical parameter:
The maximum weight of 1 (kg) 100
2 drop height (mm) 300~2000 MM
3 the maximum size L * W * H (mm) 800X800X1000
The 4 floor size L * W * H (mm) 1700 * 1200 * 14mm
5 test edge, surface and corner
6 drop error: + 5mm;
7 "1 degree drop error
8 test size L * W * H (mm) 1700 x 1200 x 2500
9 body weight (kg) 600
10 motor power (kw) 1.85
11 power supply: 380V 3KW
Standard configuration: host controller