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Product details
HP-NPD1600Q type paper resistance broken meter (also known as the paper bursting for the determination of the instrument, paper anti broken instrument, bursting strength tester) is a basic instrument in measuring strength properties of paper (paper test instruments), the sensor has the advantages of high precision, high-speed processing chip design, ensure sampling quasi accuracy. Its various performance parameters and technical indicators in line with the relevant national standards, applicable to carton packaging, paper industry and quality inspection, commodity inspection and other departments of the strength test. The instrument is divided into manual and pneumatic.
Product features
1, the high precision of the instrument, computer automatic test, simple and convenient operation, stable and reliable performance.
2, LCD screen display, Chinese menu operation interface, the test, real-time display test values, sample change curves and other information.
3, automatic measurement of the sample, smart lock peak, strong data display and analysis management capabilities, 99 sets of data storage, printing function, fault alarm and sensor nonlinear correction function.
4, with kPa, kgf/cm2, lbf/in2 between the three units of the switching function.
5, with a micro printer, showing the contents are: test time, test number, test data and the relevant standards of the test indicators.
6, the instrument adopts pneumatic clamping, automatic operation, air through air compression pump (pump provided from the distribution).
1 GB/T 454, "Mullen determination"
2, the "ISO 2758 paper - Determination of the degree of" breaking resistance
Technical parameters:
1, measurement range: 50kPa ~ 1600kPa
2, accuracy: <0.5% (measured within 0.3%)
3, resolution: 1kPa
4, oil feeding speed: 95 + 5ml/min
5, the film resistance: raised 9mm, 30 + 5 kPa
6, the sample clamping force: 430kPa (adjustable)
7, the upper clamp ring hole diameter: diameter (30.5 + 0.05) mm
8, lower clamping ring hole diameter: diameter (33.1 + 0.05) mm
9, power source: AC220V 3A 50Hz
10, size: 530mm * 360mm * 590mm
11, weight: about 85kg