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Product details
Product use: this series of tensile testing machine used on paper, film, rubber, plastics, woven bag, waterproof materials, wire and cable, wire mesh, metal wire, metal, metal plates, and material tensile, tensile strength test, can also do a 180 degree peel, 90 degrees peel, T type stripping, heat seal strength test.
Product features:
1, using high precision, all digital speed control system and precision reducer, drive precision screw pair test, to achieve a wide range of test speed regulation, low noise, smooth operation.
2, touch key operation mode, liquid crystal display real-time display. Display interface can display the test method selection interface, test parameters selection interface, test operation and the results show that the interface and the curve display interface, convenient and quick.
3, the test force with digital display, continuously adjustable speed test, the samples were broken, automatic shutdown, peak hold function.
4, the speed of the beam can be adjusted to achieve sample loading, with over current, over voltage, overload and other protective devices.
Meet the standards:
GB 8808, GB 13022, GB 1040, GB 4850, GB 7753, GB 7754, GB 453,
GB/T 17200, GB/T 16578, GB/T 7122, GB/T 2790, GB/T 2791, GB/T 2792, ASTM E4,
ASTM D828, ASTM D882, ASTM D1938, ASTM D3330, ASTM F88, ASTM F904, ISO 37,
JIS P8113, QB/T 2358, QB/T 1130
Technical parameters:
1, the maximum test force: 1000N (other optional range);
2, range: 0N-1000N force value optional;
3, test accuracy is better than 1%;
4, resolution: 0.01mm;
5, the displacement measurement accuracy is better than 1%;
6, test schedule: 600mm or 1000mm (optional)
7, the displacement speed control range: 1mm/min ~ 500mm/min
8, the displacement speed control accuracy is better than 1%;
Level 9, level 1: test machine
Size 10, test machine: 530*266*1450 or 1810 mm
11, power supply: 220V, 50Hz
12, weight: 100kG
Standard configuration: host, a set of standard tensile fixture