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Product details
HP-YSY3000 cardboard in the compressive tester (also known as the computer monitoring and control compression tester, paperboard compression testing machine, compressor, pressure equipment, ring pressure meter) paperboard compression strength test, the basic instrument (that is, paper packaging testing instruments), test items are: base paper ring pressure strength test (RCT), corrugated cardboard marginal pressure strength test (ECT), corrugated board adhesive strength test (PAT), corrugated cardboard flat compression strength test (FCT), base paper laboratory from cord compression strength (CCT) peace pressure strength (CMT), the sensor has the advantages of high precision, high-speed processing chip design, ensure that the sampling accuracy. Its various performance parameters and technical indicators in line with the relevant national standards.
Electronic compression test instrument, also known as compression apparatus and compression test instrument, the paper ring pressure meter, corrugated ring pressure meter, cardboard marginal pressure adhesion tester, side pressure tester, cardboard flat pressure tester.
Technical characteristics of electronic compression tester
The LCD display, PVC control panel, humanized design
Automatic measurement and testing process - intelligent judgment results, automatic return
The microcomputer processing system, input weight and size, after testing can show the strength of the results
The pressure value in the microcomputer data acquisition calculation, micro printer test results
- meet the four test modes, side pressure, compression, ring compression and adhesion strength test of four
Adopt synchronous motor drive, drive smoothly and accurately, so that the output pressure is more accurate
Technical parameters of electronic compression tester
1, measuring range: 60N ~ 3000N
2, accuracy: <1% (measured 0.3% or less)
3, the highest resolution: 0.1N
4, pressure plate test speed: 12.5 + 2.5mm/min
5, pressure plate diameter: 120 mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)
6, the maximum distance between the upper and lower plates: 80 mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)
7, electric source: 3A 50Hz AC220V
8, size: 360mm * 330mm * 510mm
9, weight: about 55kg
Test standard for electronic compression tester
GB2679.8 the cardboard ring compression strength determination ", GB6546 the corrugated plate edge compression strength determination method", GB6548 the corrugated board adhesive strength determination method "and GB2679.6 the corrugated core flat pressure intensity determination method"
Product configuration of electronic compression tester
Standard configuration: host, micro printer, power cord
Optional configurations: ring pressure sampler, ring in the center of the disc pressure, the side pressure sampler, side pressure conduction block, flat pressure sampler, adhesive bracket debonding
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