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Product details
Product use: This product through the standard swing head and a certain weight of the impact of the pendulum arm to determine the impact toughness of plastic and rubber and other thin film materials, such as metal foil.
Product features: the instrument by hemispherical punch with the shock of the impact velocity and break the sample so as to measure the punch by the consumption of energy, this energy to evaluate the films of the specimens of anti swing hammer impact energy values.
Technical parameter:
1 maximum impact energy: 3J
2 minimum division value: 0.025J
3 pendulum angle: 90 degrees
4 swing hammer swing radius: mm R280
5 impact speed: 2.5m/S
6 size: 12.7 mm of head impact
7 sample holder: 50 mm of diameter of 60 mm of 89
8 required sample size: 100 X mm 100 mm
9 dimensions: 780 X mm 250 X mm 600 mm
10 weight: 25kg
Standard configuration: host impact head: a sample of 12.7 mm holder: Phi 50mm Phi 60mm phi 89mm a
According to the standard: GB/T8809-88 "plastic film anti impact test method"