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Product details
Is a corrugated board of Puncture Properties (i.e., punctured strength determination instrument (also known as the computer-controlled fibreboard punctured strength tester, cardboard skewers instrument, Chuo Chuanyi) special packaging detection instrument for determination of HP-CC48B type cardboard puncture strength, advanced technology, high automation level and its main technical parameters meet the relevant national standards. Fibreboard punctured strength tester has been used in a wide range, cardboard, cardboard production, scientific research and quality supervision, inspection and enterprises and departments indispensable instrument in common
Product features
1, the instrument automatic test, precision instrument, operation is simple and convenient, stable and reliable performance, to not have the expertise or first contact the instrument users can very easy to learn and understand started operation.
2, the high performance ARM processor and independent high-speed sampling chip, ensure accurate sampling processing and high speed operation, effectively guarantee the testing precision.
3, LCD screen display, Chinese menu operation interface, compared with the operation buttons plus traditional LCD screen display content, interface switching operation, testing more convenient.
4, automatic measuring samples, intelligent judgment. It to test signals and test data analysis management function, 99 times test results data automatically save function, data printing function (divided into single test result data print and all test results data print two), fault alarm prompt function, guide the correct operation prompt and convenient operation of the functions, humanized function system composition.
Meet the standards
1, the "GB/T 2679.7 board strength determination method"
2, the "ISO 3036.7 board - Determination of puncture strength
technical parameter
1, measuring range: 1J ~ 48J
2, accuracy: A file ruler + 0.05 J
B file scale + 0.1 J
C file scale + 0.2 J
D + 0.5 J scale
3, the friction ring resistance: <0.25 J
4, swing arm number: >120 times (with a swing arm is measured by the number)
5, test result data: 99 Times
6, power: AC220V 3A 50Hz
7, size: 860mm * 410mm * 780mm
8, weight: about 170kg