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Product details
HP-CJQ1000 interlayer binding strength tester (also known as the interlayer peeling strength tester, interlayer binding strength tester, binding strength tester, etc.) is mainly used for the test paper and paperboard Z to tensile strength (the inner binding strength or the interlayer bonding strength) of the special detecting instrument. The testing principle of the instrument is double-sided adhesive sample, double-sided adhesive combined to form a sandwich structure, the interlayer is pressed between a metal flat anvil and an aluminum block, with pendulum impact aluminum block at the upper part of the inner surface of the aluminum block turnover and in Z to destroy the specimen, through the determination of the swing of the highest position to calculate sample was damaged in the process of absorption of energy.
Performance characteristics
1, the instrument computer control, full automatic test, precision instrument, operation is simple and convenient, stable and reliable performance, to not have the expertise or first contact the instrument users can very easy to learn and understand started operation.
2, using NXP (PHILPS) high performance ARM core processor and Cirrus dual channel 24 independent high-speed sampling chip, to ensure accurate sampling and high speed operation, to ensure the accuracy of the test.
5.7, 3 inch ultra large full touch-screen operation, the Chinese menu operation interface, with the traditional button plus LCD display operation compared to the contents of the display, the interface switch, the operation of the test more convenient.
4, automatic measurement of samples, intelligent judgment function. It to test signals and test data analysis management function, 99 times test results data automatically save function, data printing function (divided into single test result data print and all test results data print two), fault alarm prompt function, guide the correct operation prompt and convenient operation of the functions, humanized function system composition.
5, with a micro printer, print the contents of the display:
Single print (refers to the selection of a test results to be printed): Test name, test time, test number, the number of times the test, test strength and other relevant standards and regulations of the test.
Statistical printing is refers to the test index of all stored in the instrument testing results print): Test name, test time, test number, test the total number, the strength test, all test the strength of the maximum value, minimum value, average value and coefficient of variation related standards.
6, real-time clock, in addition to looking at the time, you can also be removed from the print before the manual input date or manually fill in the date of the cumbersome operation.
Meet the standard:
1, "GB/T 26203 paper and the determination of the binding strength of the board (Scott type)"
2, "T-569 internal bond strength TAPPI (type Scott) correction"
Technical parameter:
1, measuring range: 0 ~ - 1000J/m
2, accuracy: <1J/m -
3, resolution: <0.1J/m -
4, impact angle: 90 degrees
5, display operation: 5.7 inch color full touch LCD screen
6, power: 3A 50Hz AC220V
7, size: 520mm * 420mm * 720mm
8, weight: about 73kg