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Product details
HP-BD48A type color determination instrument (also known as the white color determination instrument, whiteness instrument, whiteness colorimeter, colorimeter, whiteness and color meter, color meter) are widely used in papermaking, printing, textile printing and dyeing, ceramics, building materials, chemical, food, salt and other industries, mainly for the determination of the object of whiteness, yellow, color, can also determine the tissue paper opacity, transparency, light scattering coefficient, light absorption coefficient and ink absorption value.
This instrument can be used for the determination of CIE (1982) whiteness (Gantz visual brightness) and color value Tw10 W10. ISO whiteness (R457 white degree) and Z white degree (Rz) were measured. For the fluorescent whitening samples, the fluorescent whitening degree can be determined. Determination of whiteness of building materials and non metallic minerals WJ. Can also be measured Hunter whiteness WH.
Product features
1, determine the object's color, report diffuse reflectance factor Rx, ry and RZ, stimulate value X10, Y10, Z10, chromaticity coordinates of X10, gives and brightness (L *) and color a *, b *, chroma C*ab, hue angle h*ab, dominant wavelength lambda D, excitation purity of PE, color difference Delta E*ab, lightness difference delta L, chroma difference Delta C*ab and color tone difference Delta H*ab and Hunter L, a, B.
2, the instrument has increased the function of measuring lead core concentration.
3, the instrument added to the printer and the use of imported thermal printer core, without the use of ink and ribbon, work without noise, fast printing speed and so on.
4, the instrument is equipped with a standard RS232 interface, can be combined with the computer software for communication.
5, the determination of yellow YI, opacity OP, light scattering coefficient S, light absorption coefficient A, transparency, ink absorption value.
6, the reference sample can be kind, but also for the data. The instrument can store up to ten reference samples.
7, the instrument has a memory function. Even if the long-term shutdown loss of power, memory zero, calibration, standard sample and reference value and other useful information will not be lost.
8, measurement of reflected light density Dy, Dz (lead core concentration).
Meet the standards
GB/T 7973 paper pulp, paper and paperboard diffuse reflectance factor method (d/o);
GB/T 7974 paper and paperboard whiteness determination method (d/o);
GB/T 7975 paper and board color determination method (d/o);
Method for measuring GB/T 3979 object color;
GB/T 2913 test method for whiteness of plastics;
Method for the determination of GB/T 1840 potato starch industry;
Instrument evaluation method for whiteness of GB/T 8425 textiles;
Method for determination of whiteness of GB/T 9338 fluorescent whitening agent;
Method for determination of color of GB/T 4739 ceramic pigments for daily use;
GB/T 6689 dye color difference measurement, instrument method;
Method for the determination of color and color difference of textiles in GB/T 8424;
Method for determination of opacity of GB/T 1543 paper;
Test method for GB/T 2409 plastic yellow index;
GB/T 8940.2 determination of whiteness of pulp;
GB/T 13025 general test method in salt industry, determination of whiteness;
Method of color measurement for GB/T 11942 color building materials;
Determination of light scattering coefficient and absorption coefficient of GB/T 10339 paper and pulp;
12911 GB/T paper and board Determination of ink absorption;
Determination of the white degree of industrial sodium salt of GB/T 9984.1;
GB/T 13176.1 washing determination of whiteness;
Method for measuring the color of GB/T 11186.1 film;
Determination of GB/T 13531.2 color cosmetics three stimulate value and color difference Delta E*;
GB/T 13835.7 fiber whiteness test method;
GB/T 5950 building materials and non metallic mineral products whiteness measurement method;
Method for determination of whiteness of 1503-1992 QB/T daily use ceramics;
ISO 2470 paper and board Blu ray diffuse reflectance factor determination method (ISO whiteness);
ISO 2471 opacity determination of paper and board;
Standard for textile industry: methods for determination of whiteness of pulp for chemical fiber.
Technical parameter:
1, simulation of D65 lighting. The color difference formula of CIE1976 (L*a*b*) color space was added by CIE1964.
2, using d/o lighting observation geometry. Diffuse ball diameter 150mm, measuring hole diameter 25mm, a light absorber, eliminating the effect of specular reflection
3, measurement repeatability: sigma (Y10 < 0.1), sigma (X10, Y10 < 0.001)
4, accuracy: Y10 < 1, X10 < 0.01 (Y10)
Sample size: 5, the test plane is not less than the diameter of 30mm, thickness of not more than 40mm
6, power: 50Hz 0.3A AC220V
7, the working environment: temperature 10 degrees C to 30 C, the relative humidity is not more than 85%
8, size: 364mm * 264mm * 400mm
9, weight: 17kg