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Product details
HP-BD48B whiteness determination instrument (also known as whiteness meter, meter) main measurement of paper and cardboard, paper and chemical fiber pulp, cotton, chemical fiber, textile, plastic, ceramic, enamel, starch, salt, white cement, porcelain clay, talcum powder and so on various objects whiteness. It can also measure the optical properties of thin sheet materials. This instrument is in accordance with GB3978-83; standard lighting and lighting conditions. Simulated D65 lighting. Using D / O lighting and observation geometry, diffuse ball diameter 150mm, test hole diameter of 30mm, is provided with a light absorber, eliminating the specular reflection effect. The peak wavelength of the spectral power distribution of R457 white degree optical system is 457nm, the half height width is 44 nm, the Y10 optical system is in line with the GB3979-83; the object color measurement method. Measurement and digital display of whiteness, fluorescence (Zeng Bai) whiteness, opacity (%), etc..
Product test item:
1, the determination of the blue light diffuse factor (R457), called "blue brightness" or "ISO whiteness" (Brightness ISO).
2, the analysis of test samples containing fluorescent whitening agent, and can be determined by the fluorescence emission of white degree, that is, the degree of whiteness.
3, measurement of the brightness of the test sample Y10, that is, the green light diffuse reflection factor Ry.
4. Determination of the opacity, transparency, light scattering coefficient and absorption coefficient of the sample.
5. Determination of ink absorption of paper and board.
Product features
1, the instrument adopts light, mechanical, electrical integration design, microcomputer measurement and control technology, the structure is compact, the appearance is beautiful and easy, maintenance is convenient.
2, with test data statistical analysis processing function.
3, a wide range of test, can test the various objects of the brightness, opacity, transparency, light scattering coefficient and optical absorption coefficient.
4, Chinese graphics menu display operation interface, easy to operate.
Meet the standards
7933-87 GB/T pulp, paper and paperboard diffuse reflectance factor determination method (d/o method)
7974-87 GB/T paper and paperboard whiteness determination method (d/o method)
GB/T 8940.2 determination of whiteness of pulp
Method for the determination of GB/T 1840 potato starch industry
GB/T 2913 test method for whiteness of plastics
GB/T 13025.2 general test method in salt industry, determination of whiteness
Opacity measurement of 1543-88 GB/T paper
Determination of light scattering coefficient and optical absorption coefficient of 10339-89 GB/T paper and pulp
GB/T 5950 building materials and non metallic mineral products whiteness measurement method
ISO 2470 paper and board - Blu ray diffuse reflectance factor measurement method
ISO 2471 opacity determination of paper and board
Standard for textile industry: Determination of whiteness of chemical fiber pulp.
Technical parameter:
1, zero drift: less than 0.1
2, showing the value of drift: less than 0.1
3, error: less than 0.5
4, the repeatability error is less than 0.1.
5, the specular reflection error: less than 0.1
6, sample size: test plane of not less than 30mm diameter, the thickness of the sample is less than 40mm
7, power: 50Hz 0.2A AC220V
8, the working environment: temperature 0 degrees C to 40 C, the relative humidity is not more than 85%
9, size: 365mm * 260mm * 425 mm
10, weight: About 11kg