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Product details
First, the use of
This dissociation is in full compliance with the standard requirements of the ISO5263 the pulps - Laboratory wet dissociation ", dissociation pulp for papermaking industry special equipment. It can be used in wet dissociation pulp: namely by the dissociation is ordered by the interleaving of fiber in the water after mechanical processing, make its are separated from each other and the properties of fiber of the original structure, and to maximize the preserved, in order to ensure the obtained reliable data, the guidance of the scientific research and production, effective and economical use puree.
The instrument is an ideal equipment for the use of wet process dissociation of pulp, the use of advanced electronic technology, liquid crystal display data and user-friendly operating tips, easy to understand. It is suitable for large, medium and small paper mills, pulp mills and scientific research units, quality testing center laboratory pulp dissociation and extraction of standard paper pulp samples, is to study the improvement and improve product quality of the preferred equipment.
Two, technical parameters
1, the inner diameter of the container X: 152 x 191mm
2, four: spiral baffle in the inner spiral line width * distance * root number: 6.5 x 51 x 4
3: with 90 blade agitator blade
4, blender turn: from the above is clockwise rotation
5, mixer blade distance from the bottom surface of the container: 25mm
6, impeller rotation frequency: 49 + 1.5S-1
7, total power: 220V/AC single phase 400W, motor: 370W
8, external dimensions (length * width * height): 450 x 265 x 395 (mm)
9, net weight: about 44kg