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Side pressure bonding sampler cardboard edge crush strength test special sampling knife holder pressure knife box sampler are doing business in the corrugated cardboard marginal pressure strength test (ECT) and corrugated board adhesive strength (PAT) special sampler, the side pressure adhesive sampler can be very standard made side pressure test and adhesive strength test of standard sample. In line with the adhesive sampler sampler under test to pressure and adhesive strength test normal board edge finish.
Side pressure adhesive sampler conforms to the standard GB / T 6546 the corrugated cardboard marginal pressure strength determination of GB / T 6548 the bond strength of corrugated board Determination of "QB / T 1671 the paper and paperboard physical performance test special punching equipment general technical requirements" aka cardboard marginal pressure strength test designed by the edge of the sampler pressure cutting knife holder pressure bonding sampler
Edge pressure, adhesive strength knife technology parameters (Parameter):
Sampling size: ECT (100*25) mm; PAT (80*25) mm
Sample thickness: 10mm
Sampling error: + 0.5mm
Outline dimension: 350*350*90mm About
Adhesive strength fixture technical parameters (Parameter):
Application type: A/B/C (E Leng Leng optional)
Pin diameter: diameter of 3mm (A type), with 2mm (B/C type)
Outline dimensions: (100*50*45) mm
The number of fixture: a master, four sub disc (A/B/C1/C2, E type optional)